Checklist Software Program - Nurse Skills or Other

The Checklist Software Program was originally designed as a "Skills Checklist" program for use in hospitals. Forms are created with the input fields of your choice. New hires (preceptees) are then able to login to the system to choose their experience level or qualification for each field. Preceptors are able to then check dates for completed tasks, add comments, digitally sign the completed results and check additional information for each feild. Results can be printed or archived in the database.

This program runs on your local database and allows full administrative privilages to create and manage multiple forms/checklists as well as program users. Each user can be assigned an access level to determine if they can fill out a form, edit a completed form, verify inputed data, etc.

Benefits of this checklist program include:

  • Customize the application with your own fields/forms

  • Search for users and their assigned forms based on numerous criteria

  • Print selected forms of interest

  • Delete forms or users

  • Create and manage users who have access to the software program

  • Password protected with optional user access levels

  • Database runs on your own system

  • No license required for the program to run on multiple work stations

  • Optional annual subscription for program and feature updates