E-Solutions: E-commerce, Shopping Carts & Customer Login

Sometimes it's necessary to out-source some of your specialized needs, this is especially the case with e-solutions. We offer a variety of e-commerce shopping cart, online catalog, or online software solution. We can also provide assistance with some of your on-going Web based needs to properly sustain your market penetration. Furthermore, we work with any existing IT personnel in order to fully comply with company regulations and corporate goals in order to achieve professional e-commerce and content management solutions.

Many corporations are also finding the need for customer login access to share documents or information in order to compete with the fierce competition of today's online marketplace. Additionally, many of these solutions are designed to help improve productivity or enhance work flow to consolidate tasks and improve the overall customer experience!

As B2B (Business to Business) infiltrates the Web, online transactions are fast becoming a common means for business deals and data exchange. We are seeing a tremendous rise in online commerce via Extranet and Intranet opportunities, which allow a quick and efficient process between manufacturers and distributors. Database integration increases productivity while maintaining accurate and precise inventory and ordering information. Online business for large companies is more than simple transactions; it should be a full experience with a secure start-to-finish process.

E-solutions are an investment into a whole new way of doing business - One which can help your company grow beyond traditional boundaries. While it's a process that requires time and money in order to reach your potential, the benefits of a new economy are only seen by those who are willing to meet the necessary requirements!

E*Tap Marketing is your partner today, so that together, we can build your tomorrow!