Product Management and Presentation Sales Tool

Have a list of products or services with their details in a database? Want your sales people to easily find this information and display it within a customized interface for their clients? You can include a variety of information, even photos or video that can accomodate the detailed info of a particular product or service!

We have developed a software application that currently uses a Microsoft AccessTM database to store the data you want to have searched. The program interface can incorporate your logo and design and is a great sales tool for exploring and demonstrating your product line.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Customize the application with your own data and interface

  • Search for data based on numerous criteria

  • Search within results

  • Maintain your own database

  • Create and manage users who have access to the software program

  • Password protected with optional user access levels

  • Database runs on your own system or server

  • No license required for the program to run on multiple work stations

  • Optional annual subscription for program and feature updates