Solutions Healthy Hamburger Degreaser

Solutions brings you the Degreaser

At Solutions we are a product development company, and we understand the constant need for new and useful consumer products. Therefore, we have have designed and developed a new and exciting kitchen tool. We call it Degreaser.

Degreaser has been designed to drain grease away from browned hamburger. To use the Degreaser simply place over the top of any size fry or saute pan and tip the pan and pour away the unwanted grease. The only thing you lose is the grease and not the hamburger.(We suggest pouring the hot grease into a bowl and when it cools toss it into the garbage). Product seekers have found no product on the market that does what the Degreaser does.

Solutions is currently in the manufacturing stages of Degreaser we would like to hear your input or feedback on our exciting new product. We have set a retail price of $15.99, which includes shipping, and is going to be available exclusively online at Check back frequently for availability.

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